GBH 8-45 DV

Key Message

  • Powerful 1.500Watt at low vibrations

User benefits

  • User buys a GBH 8-45 DV Professional and gets various accessories for free!
  • Peak performance in Drilling and Chiseling
  • Three-way Vibration Control System, Turbo Power Function

Other features

  • “Turbo Function to utilize power, which is used for rotation in drilling mode, additionally for chiseling “
  • “Best drilling and chiseling performance in class due to newly developed impact mechanism with 12,5 Joule impact energy and 1.500 Watt motor “
  • “Low vibrations due to: (1) AV-impact mechanism (2) decoupled main handle (3) tuned mass damper integrated in aluminium cover “
  • “Auto lock-on function in chiseling mode “
  • “Constant electronic with absolute speed dial with 6 positions “
  • “Drilling mode: Switch does not lock on. Important safety requirement”
  • “Chiseling mode: Switch locks on automatically. Released manually by pulling the lower trigger. “
  • “Reduced creation of vibration within impact mechanism (longer air cushion) “

Technical Data

Rated power input 1500 W
Impact energy 12,5 J
Impact rate at rated speed 1380 – 2760 bpm
Rated speed 150 – 305 rpm
Weight 8,9 kg

Drilling range

Drilling dia. concrete, hammer drill bits 12 – 45 mm
Drilling dia. concrete, breakthrough drill bits 80 mm
Drilling diameter in concrete with core cutters 125 mm
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