GCO 200

Key Message

  • An excellent investment on productivity

User benefits

  • High productivity due to efficient 2,000W motor
  • Advance support for cutting materials due to robust and large base
  • Ultimate operator protection and wobbling minimization due to durable guard system

Other features

  • High Cutting Efficiency
  • High overload capacity
  • Stability even on uneven surfaces Robust base with rubber feet

Technical Data

Cutting capacity at rectangle 0º 100 x 196 mm
Cutting capacity at square 0º 119 x 119 mm
Cutting capacity at L-profile 0º 130 x 130 mm
No-load speed 3.800 rpm
Saw blade diameter 355 mm
Saw blade bore 25,4 mm
Weight 17,0 kg
Rated power input 2.000 W
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