GHG 600 CE

Key Message

  • The universal heat gun

User benefits

  • The universal tool for stripping paints and varnishes, for forming and shrinking with hot air. Also suitable for soldering, welding and tin-plating work
  • Continuously variable temperature control with setting wheel
  • Removable heat shield for work in tight spaces

Other features

  • Surfaces for stationary use without danger of falling over
  • Comprehensive special accessories
  • Also suitable for left-handers

Technical Data

Rated power input 2000 W
Weight without cable 0,6 kg
Length 340 mm
Height 105 mm

Specifications, use

Working temperature 100 – 600 °C
Airflow 350 – 550 l/min
Infinitely variable temperature control
Control, airflow 2-stage
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