GSK 50

Key Message

  • The precise tool for flawless finishing

User benefits

  • Slim design for precise positioning at the fastening point
  • Wood Protection System means no blank firing, thus ensuring absolutely clean work
  • Rubber-coated tip prevents damage to valuable surfaces

Other features

  • Robust design with sturdy magnesium housing for high reliability in every job
  • Compact tool shape also enables work in hard-to-reach areas
  • Long lifetime of wear parts for more economical working

Technical Data

Collation angle 0 °
Nail diameter 1,2 mm
Nail length 15 – 50 mm
Staple width 5.8 mm
Nail type Finish nail
Triggering system Sequential firing and bump firing
Weight 1,1 kg
Length 260,0 mm
Width 60,0 mm
Height 251,0 mm

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