Sparkless Sledge Hammer

  • Non Sparking Hammering Tools                                    
  • Non Sparking Sledge Hammers    
  • Material of Composition : Aluminium-Bronze Alloy Sparkless ® Non Sparking Tools are Most Suited For Application Purposes In Potentially Explosive Environmenmts.Most of  our Non Sparking Tools are Forged after Casting to achieve better Quality, Performance & Attractive Finish. 
Aluminium-Bronze Alloy    
  Al: 10%-12%
  Ni: 4%-6%
  Fe + Mn <5.8%
  Other: <0.5%
  Rest: Cu
Hardness 25-30HRc (250-291 Brinell)  
Tensile Strength 800 N/mm 2


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