GSH 16-28

Key Message

  • Extreme power for 13 tons of material removal per day

User benefits

  • Highest material removal rate due to 41 J single impact force and 1750 watts motor power
  • Longest lifetime due to robust design and use of high-quality materials
  • Vibration Control for reduction of harmful vibration and, therefore, longer operating time and greater ease of use

Other features

  • Practical: the GSH 16 Professional can be easily and conveniently transported on rollers in the trolley that is supplied as standard
  • Excellent handling thanks to the large handle
  • The on/off switch is perfectly positioned, which prevents the tool from being switched off unintentionally

Technical Data

Rated power input 1750 W
Impact energy 41 J
Impact rate at rated speed 1300 bpm
Weight 17,9 kg
Length 760 mm
Width 255 mm
Toolholder 28 mm internal hexagon

Noise/vibration information

Vibration level (drilling/chiselling) 13,0 m/s²
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